6 July 2014


It is like a cool summer breeze on overheated skin.
A moment when fire turns to ash!
This light touch left on me that felt heavy in my heart.
Nothing stayed pristine.
In the end all it will ever be,
is the brush of your finger as you said Goodbye
and all that is left are empty spaces, in my life, my home and my heart.

The aftertaste of a Goodbye is the worst to get rid of. It's a warm brown sugar that melts softly into brine.  - 'What Goodybye means' Shinji Moon

This is not me saying goodbye to this blog
 but me saying goodbye to a part of my life that is over now.
Sometimes things end without us realizing they will. And we get surprised by it and feel like somethings is missing for quite some time. These things happen and most of the time it is just easier to actually say goodbye. Say it out loud so you can believe that it is over and not coming back.
It doesn't mean the hurt will stop right away and it doesn't mean that you will miss it any less but it is a start. It is you accepting that it is over and that always brings you to a point where you can start moving forward.

Tomorrow will be less melancholic I promise :)
Have a good start into your week! And maybe I will turn the first bit into a full poem at some point, we will see.


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