15 July 2014


It is Tuesday and I am blogging something must be wrong.
You wouldn't be completely wrong there, but things are starting to get better again.
As you may have noticed, well I hope you did anyway, I was away for a bit and neglected this blog. I took a little hiatus without telling you guys.
I realize that may have not been the best move but I just really needed some time to myself.

Over the past 2 weeks I have hardly felt like myself. I needed to take some time away from everything and just learn to breathe again. 
I felt like being cut into pieces and than have all these pieces cast in the wind.
I had to collect myself and heal. So I took a couple of days away from everything and went home to recharge. Get some family love and just let my family take care of me for a bit.
It definitely was exactly what I needed and now I feel like I can start over again. 
I am still not fully over being hurt and it will continue hurting for quite some time but at least I feel like there is and end to this.
As opposed to last week where I thought it was going to swallow me whole. 

Everyone handles being hurt differently and I tend to crawl into myself for comfort. At least for a couple of days until I feel like taking on the outside world isn't going to make it worse.
Some people surround themselves with loved ones but I can't do that. Not in the first couple of days anyway. At the beginning I just need to be left alone to figure out my own mind.

During that time I usually take to myself I kept blogging, which looking back at it probably wasn't the best idea, but I just needed to keep doing something. 
Only eating greasy food and loads of sweets wasn't doing it for me anymore, but blogging didn't help either. It might have even made it worse because I wasn't saying what I wanted to say and just trying to keep up appearances. 

So the break I eventually had to take to get back on my feet came a week later and without warning. 
Sorry to all of you for probably coming back more than once and not finding anything new.
But also I want to thank you for still coming back, it means a lot :)

From now on there will be no more moping and self pity but happy thought, at least that's the plan :D
Thanks for you patience and understanding :)


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