24 July 2014

I think I washed your clothes a bit too hot!

When my nan told me that, after she had washed most of the stuff I took home with me, I felt like dying.
I don't know about any of you, but when I go on a short trip I tend to pack all of my favourite things. Knowing that, my nan's call felt like the end of the world.
I have this weird things with clothes, where I try to wear my favourite pieces till they literally fall apart. 
So to think my nan had shrunk them all by two sizes was a nightmare. 
And also, I don't know any other nan's apart from mine, but nan's are aces at all things concerning households . I just couldn't believe that a beginners mistake like washing clothes too hot could ever be something my nan would do.

I went over to her place with shaky knees and hoped for the best. And turns out I didn't have anything to worry about.
as always my nan was just a bit confused by today's fashion choices. This had happened once before when she asked me and my sister why we were wearing ripped underwear and bought us a bunch of new ones. Turns out she thought thongs were not meant to look like that. Which is also the reason why she threw all our thongs away till we explained to her that they were perfectly fine the way they looked.
The confusion this time came from me finally investing some money in crop tops.
The poor woman was furios with herself for shrinking 4 of my tops. It took a lot of explaining on my part to get her to believe that she hadn't done anything wrong :)
I will admit it was hilarious :D

Now why am I telling you this, you might wonder.
I am telling you this little story so you can keep a look out for a post featuring some crop tops :)

I will now happily eat the pizza I just ordered and get back to work on my new blog design right afterwards :)


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