25 July 2014

Blogger Collab : Favourite Makeup

I have had this idea in my head for a while now and have finally managed to bring it to life.
I love makeup and all things beauty related and I always think it is nice to read reviews on products. The problem I have with that most of the time is that you only get one opinion. If you want another one on the same product you have to go looking for a while.

So I thought it would be kind of cool for you guys to get another opinion on the things I like.
In exchange I will be reviewing products from other bloggers.
A little blogger collab as you might say :)

This time I have sent a list of some of my favourites to a lovely blogger called Kris and in exchange got a small list of hers. 
We each chose 3 items of that list and tried them.

Kris recommended:

Nyx Butter Glosses
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
L'oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

I am an idiot who couldn't find the powder when I took the pictures. Please forgive me :D

And I have to say I quite liked all of the above. But was really blown away by the Nyx gloss. The texture is great and it is very long lasting. 
It also took me a lot of time to choose one gloss only from their gorgeous colours. I was surprised to see that the colour looked exactly like the bottle on my lips. I have various lip glosses that have a lot less colour payoff.

I will definitely going back for more butter glosses because one colour isn't nearly enough!

As for the Rimmel powder and the foundation I have to say I was very pleased with both. 
The only problem I had is that I am very fair-skinned and the lightest shade of the L'√≥real foundation wasn't quite light enough. And due to me being allergic to sun I don't really tan either, so it wasn't a perfect match but I still loved the foundation. 
It is light on the skin and doesn't look like you are wearing a whole new face. It also blends well with concealer. However what I loved best about the foundation was, that you can wear it only on parts of your face as well. It works really well with even out your skin tone. Yesterday I only wore it around the nose to get rid of the redness I had there and you weren't able to tell that I was only wearing makeup there. 
I can really recommend this foundation.
The Rimmel stay matte powder is a great finish for your makeup. It doesn't dry out the makeup and keeps everything in place. There isn't that much more to say about it really :) 

To check out what Kris said about my products on her blog: http://bluefairiesworld.blogspot.de/
Also pay her Instagram a little visit :)


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