5 July 2014


A little while back I stayed over at my cousins place in Munich.  In the morning, we were to lazy to make anything, so we decided to go out for breakfast. We didn't exactly know where we should go so we just ventured about till we stumbled upon this lovely little place called Cotidiano
Neither of us had ever been there before but it looked good and they had a sign that said: All day breakfast. You can never go wrong with that, can you?

The place itself is furnished with only wooden tables, chairs and has shelves filled with homemade jam and other delicious things.
It has big windows which let in a lot of light and it gives the restaurant quite a warm feeling. It's a very comfortable place.

It took us quite some time to figure out what we wanted to have, since you could combine all sorts of breakfast-y stuff or order a whole breakfast. 
In the end we decided to order one of the smaller breakfasts and just add some little bits and pieces from the menu. 

If you know me, which you do if you read this blog, than you will know that a picture of me isn't complete without pulling a face. As you can see my cousin is the same, must run in the family after all. 
For drinks we both got something called hugo but without alcohol. It essentially is sparkling water with elder syrup, mint and limes. It is very refreshing and since it was a really hot day it was the perfect way to start our breakfast.

And after taking forever to decide we finally managed to find the perfect breakfast for us.
My cousin got a bircher muesli with fruit bread and a almond croissant.

 I settled for egg with tomatoes and granola with berries and yogurt.

At Cotadiano all the bread that you get is homemade and there is a jar of homemade jam on every table.
And the food is absolutely delicious.
So if you are ever in need of a place for breakfast, Cotadiano would be my recommendation!

I swear it was heavenly, I have no idea why she looks so grumpy :D


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