18 July 2014

One's Value

- Your Value Doesn't Decrease Based On Someones Inability To See Your Worth - 

I feel like this little quote speaks to me, like it was made just for me. Until I realized that I am not the only person who puts themselves down based on other people's opinions.
Just recently I had to learn this again, not every decision another person makes is necessarily a reaction to something you have done.
Not everything that goes on around you has something to do with you.

It is not easy to accept the fact that sometimes we just don't get along with people. Or that friends change and we have to let them go because we don't get along anymore. 
It's never easy to loose someone but that doesn't mean it is always our fault.

My value doesn't decrease just because someone can't appreciate me as a person. I am still worth so much. We just have to let go of the idea that we are defined by what other people think. 
What does it say about our favourite pair of jeans when someone says they don't like them? Nothing is what it say. They are still our favourite pair of jeans it just means that the other person doesn't like them.
Which is absolutely fine, I mean how boring would it be if we all bought the same clothes.
And yet somehow we question ourselves the next time we pick this particular pair of jeans.
Do they really look good or are we the only ones with that opinion? Maybe everyone else thinks like that one person who said they hate them.

We suddenly feel like our own opinion isn't good enough. We start questioning our every decision just because one person didn't like a pair of jeans. 
But our value doesn't decrease just because someone isn't able to recognize it.
We are perfect just the way we are. And if we don't get along with everyone that isn't a problem. That shouldn't put us down. 

Sometimes it is best to just not give a f*** about what other people say.


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