1 August 2014

Food Friday - Strawberry Curd

It is time for another recipe my dear readers. I haven't posted a recipe in ages!
I recently spotted strawberry curd in our supermarket, and I don't mean the one you buy in the dairy section of the super market but self made stuff. They sold it for 2 € per 200g and I thought that was quite a lot, although I did want to try it. So I thought I would buy strawberries some curd and try to make it myself.

Here it is:


10 Strawberries
6 frozen Strawberries
200 g Greek Yogurt
250 g Curd
1 tbsp Agave Syrup

Blend both the frozen strawberries and the normal strawberries till you have a strawberry mush. 

Then mix it together with the yogurt and the curd and enjoy :)

Really easy to make but so so so good.


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