29 December 2013


Hi everyone :)

Christmas is over :( But I have moved on to even more exciting things. I have gone for another adventure and am currently sitting in my hotel room in London.
Yes the plan is to spend New Years here in London. Maybe this will become a new tradition, I sure would love to make it one.
I love London but I especially love it this time of the year. Everyone is still a bit tranquil from the Christmas festivities and because they have probably eaten to much over those days :D

It makes the crowd a lot less stressful to deal with. Because although I love spending time in London because it is a great city I am not the biggest fan of overly full streets where everyone is just trying to go their own way. It can get a bit overwhelming at times. 

This is actually also the reason there hasn't been any post the last 2 days :)
I had to figure out this whole internet situation here but as it turns out we have free wifi here at our hotel. Yeah!!! 
And the 27.12 was basically spend traveling about :)

See you guys tonight. I am off on another day of exploring :)


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