19 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

Hi everyone :)

I have been doing some Christmas shopping (finally) and just wanted to show you what I have gotten so far and where I got it from. Maybe I can help some of you out with last minute presents. I still don't have all of mine. I am a bit of a mess like that. Don't get me wrong I love giving presents and I do believe I am quite good at it I just find it really difficult to come up with something for a lot of people all at the same time. 
Which leads to me being a bit stressed out over buying presents right before Christmas.
I still have 1 present to buy but at least I know what I want to get that person so it is now just a matter of actually finding it :D

This is what I have so far:

Both necklaces are from fab.com. Their website is amazing they literally have everything you can think of buying someone as a present, also their price range is quite wide. So you can choose how much money you want to spend on gifts.

These are actually not a Christmas present but for my nan's birthday which is on Friday. My cousins and I have decided to get her something together from the Christmas market in Munich and these stars are just what we had in mind.  

All these little things are from various different Christmas markets so if there is one close to you definitely go and check it out. You might find gifts that you didn't even know you needed. I always love going to markets as you find the most incredible things and if you have no inspiration for a present you will sure find some there.

And the last thing I got was the new Robbie album for my godmother because she thinks he is very fit :D Kind of obsessed with the man really but so am I but for different reasons :P


Sorry for the delay but my computer decided to be a bitch today and wouldn't let me upload the pictures...

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