14 December 2013

What even is perfect?

Hi everyone :)

I think we all know the feeling of getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and thinking: Omg do I look horrible today. And then trying to literally do everything to save our face and maybe even our outfit if we feel gross in what we have picked because it just is one of those days.
But who even says that we are not perfect enough? Why do we look in the mirror and suddenly decide we are not good enough?
For who, should be the question. Who has put this stupid image in our head that we have to look flawless all the time.
It is such a stupid thought if you dwell on it. We just sell ourselves short if we do it.

And why is being skinny and looking like a freakin' model considered perfect and ever other figure is not thin enough. Why? Everybody is perfect just the way they are, at least that is what I believe. We shouldn't go round  changing that and we especially shouldn't tell people they aren't perfect the way they are. Who gave society the right to do so? To be so judgmental when it comes to our looks? It's a nasty habit that we should get rid of really fast.

I hate people who pick their friends based on looks. Just because someone looks appealing to you doesn't mean their character is as well. I find that I don't get along with people who are stunningly beautiful and know it. I think it is not a nice attitude to be so focused on looks, I would much rather pick people because of their beautiful character instead or their beautiful face.
And I am sure I am not the only one who says that people get more attractive the better you like their personality. I do actually mean that yes!

To get to the point: I don't think a person is less beautiful or perfect just because they weigh a bit more then others, have a crooked nose or are missing a leg. Albeit our ideal of beauty might tell us otherwise.

So if you are like me and gain three pound if you just look at chocolate you should just not give a rat's ass what others think about it the next day. If that chocolate makes you happy: Have it! I have tell myself everyday: As long as I am happy with myself all the critics can kindly fuck off because at the end of the day only my happiness matters.
That obviously doesn't meant that you can just go around being selfish but when it comes to what you look like and what you feel comfortable with I say fuck everybody else.
Or as Tyler Oakley would say: You do you and let me do me!

And it just so happens that I have found the perfect video to emphasize my point! I highly recommend you take the time and watch it because it is what inspired me to do this post.

So next time you look in the mirror just be happy with the person that looks back at you because that person is perfect the way they are!


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