12 December 2013

Throwback Thursday - Christmas Tree

Hi everyone :)

How has your week been? Cold? Yeah same :)
But I actually do love it. Christmas when it is warm outside just isn't the same!
And what would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? 
Did you have a decorating tradition when you were younger or anything of that sort?

Well in my family we kind of did and we always had real Christmas trees as well. My mum and dad would usually struggle with putting the tree up to an extend where they would nearly give up and have us celebrate without a tree. I don't know what it was about our Christmas trees but they never seemed to go up without a fight :D We had them falling over or being so wonky we had to start all over again.
When the tree fight was finally over my mum, my sister and I would usually get on with decorating it. That was until on year my dad decided that he wanted to have tinsel on the tree, because it reminded him of his childhood. My mum was absolutely against it because she hates that stuff but as per usual my dad got his way in the end.
That's kind of our tradition, the little bicker about how to mount the tree and how to decorate it. In the end it didn't really matter because it was Christmas and you don't fight on Christmas eve but it still seemed to happen every year.
It was rather fun to be quite honest, because by the time the tree was up and decorated everybody loved it :)

Last year me and my dad put the tree up and decorated it as well. And lets just say that we might not have had to argue much but boy was that tree wonky :D
I think we redid it for about 5 times and by the time we got to decorating and were starting to hang the candles it just fell over and we had to start over :D
It was brilliant really and sooooo much fun :) Although we did have to cut of the top of the tree because it was to big for our living room :D And we couldn't fit the start that usually goes on the top on it without cutting it down a bit....
Well we all survived and the end result looked like this:

You can clearly see how wonky it is. That is before it fell over by the way :D

It's at least upright now. We added a lot more tinsel just so you know :)


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