13 December 2013

Food Friday - Mr. Onions

Hi everyone :)

Are you as excited as I am that food Friday is finally back?
Lets do this :)

A couple of weeks back me and a friend went to a restaurant/cocktail bar after our dancing lesson to grab a bite to eat.
They serve a bit of everything, different varieties of salads, burgers, pizza and some pasta dishes.
Its simple food but nonetheless really good.

Mr. Onions interior is very simple with comfy chairs and good lighting.
I decided to have cocktails with my dinner as it was happy hour (6pm-9pm) which meant that some cocktails cost a s much as a glass of coke. I obviously had a non alcoholic one :)

I had some minty thing called fresh mint which had limes, brown sugar, fresh mint leaves, orange juice, passionfruit juice, peppermint sirup in it. I asked for a bit of grenadine sirup as well and that cocktail was the most delicious thing. I haven't had a cocktail this good in a long time!

My friend just had a beer so that is not really worth showing because I think we all know what beer looks like.

For dinner I settled on a chicken salad that came with some garlic bread and my friend had a baguette with some things on it. I don't really remember what it was but I have been told it was really good :P

Both of these things were delicious but the garlic bread has to have been the best I have ever had. It was pure heaven and I would quite happily eat a whole plate just full of that!

So if you fell like having a nice meal after your lecture then Mr. Onions is definitely the place to go. The prices are very reasonable and it is like a 3 minute walk from University.
Also go check out their website: Mr. Onions.


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