29 December 2013


Hi everyone :)

Since Christmas is over and I am sure that we are all a bit sad about it and don't quite want it to be over yet, why not look back on some of the best bits?
Or in this case some pictures and me telling you how Christmas at my home works and has worked for years :)

Since I can remember Christmas at my house has always started with going to church. No we didn't go right in the morning but at 5 pm, until then 24. December was like any other day.
Well maybe it involved a bit more present wrapping then normal days but other then that.... :)

After church we had dinner at my nan's and had sausages and potato salad, it's our traditional Christmas dinner since in my family we have our big Christmas feast on Boxing Day. 

After dinner it is time to unwrap presents. YEAH!!!
Mostly we hand out one present after another so everyone who is not currently unwrapping can see what the other people get. 
It's always my mum, dad, sister, nan and me who celebrate together as she lives nearby.

And this was this years Christmas tree with some of the presents. I swear every year we say we will make it less but it never seems to work :D
I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and a great time with your family and friends or who ever you celebrated with :)


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