9 December 2013

Musical Monday - Christmas

Hi everyone :)

I have some christmas-y songs for you today that I like very much, they are mostly not the originals because I like these versions better.

I am no Mariah Carey fan, never have been and probably never will. I can't exactly tell you why but I just find her voice really annoying. Sorry in advance if any Mariah fans are reading this, she seems like a great person but her music just isn't for me.
Who I am a great fan of is Michael Bublé though, I swear that guys voice was made for singing Christmas songs. So here is a Mariah Carey song sung by Michael Bublé :

Also who could forget about let it snow? I love that song so much because it is one of those songs that sound a bit older and reminds me a bit of Disney movies and therefore childhood.
Does that even make sense? I don't know :D

And some more Michael Bublé please, this time with 'Have yourself a Merry little Christmas':

And my all time favourite: White Christmas

What is your favourite Christmas song? I'd love to know :)


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