5 December 2013

Throwback Thursday - Cousins

Hello everyone :)

How are we? Are we good? No colds yet? I sure hope we all stay healthy a bit longer, no need for getting sick right now.

Growing up my grandma made sure that me and my cousins saw each other often. She was and still is the one that keeps the family together always asking when we are gonna see each other next. This has lead to us being really close and sharing a lot with each other. I would even go as far and say that my cousin L., who is no stranger to this blog, is my best friend.

This basically means that we have grown up together and there have been a lot of pictures taken of us  until we were old enough to take them ourselves.  

me, my sister JS. and my cousin L.

Yeah I am a bit embarrassed to be sharing this one but hey.... :D It is like my sister said we need the old ones as well so everyone can see how much we have changed, for the better I might add :) At least I like to think so. 

Growing up with a younger sister and L. being my age and our older cousin S. was great. We shared our stories about boys and how weird we thought our family was at times. And we had a lot of slightly strange photo shoots as we liked to call them :)

L., me and my sister JS.

I love all of them a lot, maybe not as much when the get really annoying, but that isn't happening as much since we have all started our own lives, in new cities with new friends. 
We still try and see each other as often as we can. Me an L. obviously see each other a lot more then we see S. and JS. because we live closer to each other but we try.
In January we had a whole weekend together where they all came to stay with me here in Augsburg and it was so much fun. Although we did end up taking about 4 hours to pack all their stuff together because there were clothes everywhere and it took quite some time to figure out what belonged to whom. Up till now I am missing a top that has disappeared after that weekend :D

JS. and S. and L.

This was taken on our last weekend together before this year which we spend at S.'s in W├╝rzburg. We did have fun as you can see. What they were actually trying to achieve was looking like Audrey Hepburn in the poster on the wall. Yeah we can all see how well that turned out :P

JS. and S. and L.

That looks more like it :)

This one is just on here to proof that I am not the only one that is a bit crazy in this family :D They are wearing legwarmers on their head just in case you didn't notice!

I am a really big family person and I guess so are all of my lovely ladies because we do really love one another. No you might think that everyone loves their family but let me just say that we have other cousins that we don't get along with that well or just don't spend as much time with. 
We 4 kind of belong together and really are a force to be reckoned with :) Just ask my flat mates they needed a view days off after my cousins and my sister had spend the weekend.

That is probably how my flat mates felt came Sunday morning :D

Family has to stick together and with these 3 idiots that isn't hard to do at all :)


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