22 December 2013

Christmas Market

Hi everyone :)

I will confess to being an idiot! I was at a friends place on Thursday and took my MacBook with me, as well as my charger because we were looking at some of the pictures I took while in New Zealand. And that is where the idiotic part comes in: I left my charger at her place. Yes I am just plain stupid but also my life seems to like plotting against me since my friend was going to go visit her Nan over the weekend and would be back today. So I wasn't able to go round her place Thursday because I was busy which lead to having no way of using my MacBook after it ran out of battery. 
And since all my blogging material is on this damn thing I had no way of blogging for the last couple of days. My whole plan for Christmas blogs is a bit of schedule now but I will try to get as many of the already made posts up alongside the other ones. I hope it works out :)
I will start with the post that was supposed to go up on Thursday :)

During the time leading up to Christmas we all try to get into the Christmas spirit. And there are so many different ways to do it: listening to Christmas carols, eating Christmas biscuits, wearing Christmas jumpers and going to the Christmas market.
The last thing on this list is the one thing that does it the most for me. I don't know what it is about those markets but they are probably my most favourite thing about Christmas. 

Our Christmas market is in the city center of Augsburg and is arranged beautifully. It really gets you into the Christmas spirit with all the Christmassy lights and fir tree branches that are used as decorations.

Most of the stuff that is sold is handmade, which makes it even more interesting. I always find it amazing to see what people can do with their hands. I mean I can barely draw a stick figure whereas other people draw a freakin' duck in under a minute.  I actually got to watch the woman who makes these cutting boards while she was drawing a train on one of them and I can honestly say I wish I was as talented as she was. 

These are little wooden fruits that smell of different things. Some did smell really weird though :D

I love going to the Christmas market so much because I feel really calm there for some reason. Just walking through the lines of stalls and just looking at pretty things. I love it. I especially like when the people selling their things take the time to explain to you how they make certain items. It is quite fascinating to hear how compassionate they are about what they do, even if it is just a hobby that they like to make a bit of money off during the Christmas time.

These tea flowers are so cool. I send my host parents some for Christmas last year. I find them very intriguing. You just plop this little ball down into some hot water and wait for a couple of minutes and then you get a pretty amazing tea flower. It's something that excites me and it's really cool. Don't judge! :D

Another stall I stumbled upon was from this man who made candle holders or pendants from different kinds of metal with glass beads and other sparkly things.

And who could forget about all the food stalls and sweet things you can buy?

Or the roasted nuts?

And more chocolaty things :)

The people who worked at the stalls that made crèpes or sold sauerkraut with potato dumplings sadly wouldn't let me take pictures of their stalls. I am not entirely sure why, since I can't exactly steal their recipe from taking a picture but at least you will somehow be able to walk away from this post without craving all the different kinds of food I am presenting here :D

Christmas markets are pure heaven for me and I couldn't go without them. 

I hope you have one close to you and have spend as much time there as you can :)


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