12 June 2014

Theme Park

Hi everyone :)

I am fairly certain that all of you have at least once been to a theme park but who has been to one since they have technically outgrown them? 
Now as you know I am a bit of a sucker for childish things, so it should come as no surprise to you that I have friends who like to do some less mature things once in a while as well :)

So a while back my boyfriend and I went to dinner with an old schoolfriend of mine and his girlfriend. I have no clue how we got to talking about theme parks but somehow we did and decided that going to one together should be a thing.
We made it a thing and that is how we ended up at the gates of 'Holiday Park', taking a trip down memory lane :)

Upon walking in we were greeted with the our first opportunity to act a bit age inapropriate and made a couple of kids wait longer for their picture with Willy (the male bee in Maya the bee).

Sorry kids we just had to :D
And that is how the fun started with a lot of screaming and wetness involved. And a lot of silly pictures like these :

left: my schoolfriend F. and right: my boyfriend

We started our journey around the park off at the back, after the Free-fall Tower, since we figured a lot less people would probably be waiting in line for things there. We weren't wrong, so the first thing we did was go on a ride called Sky Scream and that name is well deserved.
I honestly don't know how the people working there do it!

This ride is fairly new and quite frankly I think it looks a lot less scary than it actually is. I underestimated it and regretted going on it the minute it started! That is probably also due to the fact that I had to take my glasses off an couldn't see a thing :D Riding a roller coaster without seeing a thing is a lot scarier than you would believe. 
I did scream my boyfriends ears off: Sorry!

my schoolfriend F. and his girlfriend A.

Next on our list was a big swing carousel.
And after that we went to a water show which was hilarious. Not due to its actual funniness but because the acting was so bad. We had a good time :D

our little group: F. T. A. J.

And don't ask me what that face is: I have no idea :D
We went on a couple of other rides and behaved a lot more like kids until we found our favourite thing yet: A water ride. 

We did mock other people on it but it was sooooo much fun. I don't even know why exactly but we did go on it 3 times I think. Every time trying to get wetter than the last. A. even wore a rain coat so her clothes would stay dry. 
You know those pictures that they always take on these sort of things? The ones that no one every buys? Well we did buy one since we posed for it and it is lovely memory of an amazing day. 

Next was another roller coaster that yet again I didn't see anything of and screamed like a cry baby. But that is kind off liberating don't you think? Just screaming, I find that to liberating, letting it all out. It does make your voice a bit hoarse though, I will admit to that. 

And what would a day of being a child be without cotton candy and looking like an idiot?

After having had yet again flooded our systems with adrenaline we thought it was only right to go on a calmer ride.

Yes people get excited it is Tabaluga and we sailed on tiny boats through one of his adventures. 
It was very relaxing and made me think of Sunday afternoons when I was nine where we would watch the show at my nan's place.

The park itself is decorated really cool with all kinds of characters from kids Tv shows.

The four of us had a great time and I think behaving a bit age inappropriate from time to time is a good thing. Why not release your inner child once in a while?


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