7 June 2014

1D Concert Wembley Stadium

Hi everyone :)

Yes I have been keeping this from all of you, because I didn't know if I wanted to write about it or not. Depending on my thoughts and how I felt about the whole experience. But I can now say that there was going to be no way I was not going to write about this.

Going to a One Direction concert is the most surreal experience of your life (if you are a fan) and starts days before the actual concert.
For the whole week leading up to the concert my boyfriend has been making fun of me for going but to be honest I didn't care. If you love something enough you just don't. Don't let other people tell you it is childish or laughable that you like One Direction!

So on Thursday around lunchtime I set out on my journey to London.
The weather was gorgeous and flying to London and being greeted by even better weather is nothing I am going to complain about :)

Thank you British Airways for getting me from Munich to London safely and fairly cheap. 
The whole of Thursday it was really hard for me to contain my excitement because I just couldn't believe that I was going be seeing One Direction live. 

On Friday the gates were to open at 5 and I thought I would go there early to get a feeling for what it was going to be like. Let me tell you: If you have a seat don't bother being there early there is no point in standing in line if you have a seat. 
Lesson learned :) Although it was quite fun to talk to other Directioners in front of the stadium who had been there for more than 8 hours. They were obviously standing. 
Another thing: Don't be afraid to go there alone or with just one other person because everybody there shares your interest. Talking to new people has never been easier and I wasn't the only one who was slightly older than the average fan. 
And there even was the occasional guy watching the show :)

So now lets get to the actual event. After I got into the stadium, being one of the first people who were sitting I could watch the stadium fill with people. 

Then 5 Seconds Of Summer started playing and the stadium filled some more. 

Wembley Stadium fits around 90.000 people and last night it was sold out. So there was 90.000 people screaming when this came on the screen.

Let me tell you it was insane and they weren't even on stage yet. The air felt vibrant and I have never felt more alive than in that moment when they walked out on stage and everyone was screaming and jumping around and clapping. Even if I wasn't the loudest one screaming the kids next to me did enough for 20 people.
But it is contagious. I don't think you can go to a 1D concert and not scream your lungs out.

I mean most of us have Tumblr accounts and we therefore see a lot of gifs and pictures from concerts but I can tell you one thing: You will not be able to grasp what they are like if you haven't been to a concert. I thought I had seen all the crazy Harry does on stage but let me tell you that boy is out of his mind. I honestly don't know where all that energy comes from but he jumps around like a bouncy ball. Liam works in some weird dance moves that are somehow really cool, Zayn just looks too good for his own good, Niall is a lot less innocent on stage than the angle he looks to be and Louis... well don't even get me started on that one :D
I just didn't know that them being so crazy on stage could transfer onto the audience or maybe it was the other way round I don't even know. The atmosphere was amazing. 
 Some crazy s*** that went down last night :D

The show is one thing but I think the people make this such a great experience. It felt a bit like going to the movie multiplied by 20. 
I have never been more high on adrenaline and I didn't know my voice could handle that much screaming and singing. 
Also how much fun do they make of themselves during these shows?
We all know the line in C'mon C'mon right at the beginning that Zayn sings: 
The one that I came with, she had to go but you look amazing standing alone. 
Well he stands in the middle of the stage all by himself singing it. And he did look quite good might I add :D
Also the projections they have on the screen are hilarious. During Better than words where they kind of howl they have a wolf on the screen and owls and little ghosts singing along. 
So the show is also god for a laugh and not only Harry being an absolute nutter and eating a banana right in front of the camera sending the stadium into frenzy. 

All in all I had the most amazing time and if I ever have the chance to go again: I will no matter who makes fun of me for it.
Yes I am 22 and like one Direction and screamed like a crazy person. 
I am cool with that :)

Here is a little video that I recorded to maybe give you a little insight into my night.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


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