2 June 2014

Are we even Human?

Hi everyone :)

First of all: Let my apologize for abandoning you guys for so long! But I have started this post 4 times now already and it always ended up as some angry ramble that I couldn't post. 
I feel e bit more composed by now as my emotions seem to have calmed down a bit and I can actually write something without feeling like I have to type faster to get everything out there. 
So last Thursday there was another rape case in India on of these cases were more than one man rapes one woman and I felt like the only thing I could write about was that. 
All my other posts seemed absolutely pointless and I had the need to get my feelings about it out there.

I mean how can we do that to another human being? Where is those people's sense for what is right or wrong?
I was so shocked that something like that could happen again that I felt like someone had pressed pause in my life and I couldn't move.

Those 5 men did that to another human being let alone a child. The two women they raped were 14 and 15. How is that okay? How can there not be some small part of them that makes them realize that what they are doing is wrong?

Rape is still oh so wrong when it is one man and one women and makes me feel sick to my stomach. However I just can't believe that there were 5 men and not one of them felt like what they did to those poor girls was violating them in the most cruel way.
It scares me to believe that humanity has come far enough that we don't recognize rape as something wrong anymore.
It makes me want to cry and un straight into a wall. It makes me angry. I feel like there is a fire pit inside me and I am ready to burst but nothing actually comes out.

How can someone rape another human being? How can someone do that to another human being? How can these men not see that they would find it oh so wrong if it were to happen to their own daughter? 
Is that not enough to stop you from doing it?
There has to be something fundamentally wrong in a persons mind not to find rape absolutely disgusting! Furthermore not to realize how much you ruin a woman's life with it. 

Even writing this, I feel like crying. 
How can we let something like that happen to other people? Why is nobody doing something? It is like one big bullying world and the bullies get away with what they are doing because nobody stands up and says: Hold on, that is not okay! 

Last time this happened it was on a bus! How can rape happen in such a public place? How numb does society have to be for something like that to happen ON A BUS?????? There are people around and no one stopped it. 
I really do feel sick writing about this.

I just can't understand how we can ruin another person's life to such an extend. The physical violation not even counted yet! 

It is nothing I will ever understand and I just wish it were punished more and not swept under the rug so much!

I really am sorry for not posting for 4 days but this just had to come out. And it had to come out in a way that I was happy with.

The rest of the week will go as planned :)


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