5 June 2014

A Bit too Much

Hi everyone :)

I think everyone knows those moments where life just gets a bit too much. But I think we mostly connect that feeling with bad things and never with happy feelings.

But I do believe that life can get too much because it is just so good as well. I think we have all found ourselves in moments where we couldn't believe that this was our life. Moments of pure joy and happiness that was so overwhelming we didn't even know how to handle it.

When things like that happen we tend to self-destruct, I don't know why we can't just ravish the feeling of pure happiness. Why do we think that we don't deserve so much good in our lives? 
Where does that come from?
I have felt like my life was to good to be true on more than one occasion and I can say I self-destruct. And often! I ruin a completely perfect thing just because I believe that I don't deserve to be this happy. 

Why I put myself down like that? Know idea! 
But I think instead of accepting that life gets a bit too much and we ride the high we feel the need of coming down again. We feel like if we can't control the way we are going to come down again that it will be much worse. 
I think we need to realise that our life isn't always out to get us. That we can enjoy the good things as long as they last!

It's okay to feel like our level of happiness is a bit to much but I think we have to enjoy it as long as it last. Much like we endure pain in our life we have to take the good times as well and not shy away from them in fear of being hurt much less if we cut those times short.

The devil is afraid of happy people!
- Don Bosco


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