11 June 2014

Summer Wardrobe II

Hi everyone :)

Last week I stated a little summer thing where I show you some outfits I would wear in summer. Mostly for you to maybe take some inspiration away from them :)

I am still working on good ways of doing that and this is what seems to work for now although I am always developing new techniques as I move along. Jut like I am doing with the new exciting thing I have planned but that is neither here nor there yet and will be discussed in a different post I promise. 
So without further ado lets get this show on the road shall we :D 
Go I am way less hilarious than I think, but that might be something I inherited from my dad :)

First Outfit:

shorts - cotton on
top - Zara
leather jacket - Zara
shoes - h&m

Obviously the leather jacket is very optional here depending on the weather but I have found it quite nice to have something you can take off if it gets hotter during the day. Simply because I mostly go to University pretty early when you can't tell how hot it is going to be yet. 

Second Outfit:

trousers - Zara
shoes - Vans
t-shirt - h&m
bag - borrowed from a friend

Third Outfit:

blazer - h&m
t-shirt - Johnny Cupcakes
jeans - promode
shoes - Vans

 I do love all the items in this outfit to bits because this works with mostly everything. You can switch one piece and the whole thing still works. Switch the jeans for short or leave the blazer at home and you still look good. 

Enjoy the weather guys :)


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