16 June 2014

Musical Monday

Hi everyone :)

Sorry for not blogging for three days but I was busy with my special little project that actually has a lot to do with this blog. That and studying for my exams at the end of this semester.

So forgive me for not blogging but I fully intend to get back to it. Maybe not daily like I used to and maybe with less of a theme because that doesn't seem to work for me anymore but I will blog every other day and let you all know about it on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. So follow me on any of these and you will be kept in the loop :)

As for music: I have been obsessing over the new Ed Sheeran album that is out in a couple of days. So here are a couple of songs for you to hopefully get you as excited as I am :D

I know this one is from the last album but it is just so so so good :)

Also go buy his new album it will blow you away I promise: X (multiply)



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