7 May 2014

My Smoothie Life

Hi everyone :)

It is getting warmer and warmer and summer is nearing. 
At least that is how it is supposed to work, so I am just going to forget about the bad weather and pretend that I am preparing for summer. Which I am it's just that the weather hasn't quite gotten that yet, most of the time anyway. 
As I was saying: It is going to be summer soon and us girls now that this means getting your beach body ready. Yes there is no beaches in Augsburg but that is not the point. We want to look our best but at the same time we don't want to be missing out on the good stuff. 
Which is why I have some pretty simple things that you can do that will keep you from gaining weight which is all I think we need really. I am not a big fan of changing your whole body for summer I just like to keep it the way it is :)

Lets begin:
There is 3 things I like to do.
Firstly I like to stay away from sweets completely which is a lot easier said than done, I know. But I am not just saying stay away from sweets no I am giving you an alternative that you can get creative with and that is even more delicious than sweets. 
They are tasty and healthy at the same time. I have one recipe for you now but I will make a whole post about it on Friday, since I have been having one for breakfast every morning this week and will continue to experiment with them.
All you really need for smoothies is a blender and fruit so that is quite handy as well. 


75 ml apple juice  
4 tbsp yogurt
6 strawberries (fairly large)
half a banana (a big one)

If you feel like having a real refreshment add 3-4 frozen strawberries. 

That all goes into a blender until all the fruit pieces have turned into a liquid, slightly thick mixture. 
And there you have your sweet treat :)

Secondly I like to drink a lot of water and there is a reason for that. Not only because you need to stay hydrated in summer but also because your body stores water if you don't drink enough. That means that if you drink more your body will loose the water it has been storing and you will actually loose weight without loosing weight :D Did that make sense?

And the third thing: Try to avoid eating anything other than vegetables after 8 pm. Meaning salad, cucumbers, peppers and stuff are fine, but no potatoes. So just vegetables that consist of a lot of water. That goes together with the second thing in a way, because lots of water is good. Or fluid in generaöl

And with these three things, looking good for summer really isn't so hard. Also what doing this will include is better skin. Because eating healthy and drinking a lot actually does have an effect on your skin. 


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