21 May 2014

Make-Up Guru's

Hi everyone :)

I am a little obsessed with watching make-up tutorials on YouTube and I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourite make-up guru's, if you want to call them that.

First off obviously the one and only Pixiwoo.
Their channel is simply amazing, whatever occasion you need a look for you will find it on there, promised.
Their looks go form celebrity look recreations over special occasion looks to Halloween looks and a lot more.
The channel is run by Sam and Nick Chapman and they have been around for almost as long as YouTube has.

They also have a website and a separate channel called Real Techniques where they show tips and tricks all involving make-up. It stared out as only Sam's channel, as she also was the one who first started with the real techniques brushes, but it is both of theirs now.  If you are subscribed to one you should really be subscribed to the other as well.

Next up: Fleur de Force
She does a variety of different things and you will probably find most of it very use full. I know I have.

And the last one: Tanya Burr.
I absolutely adore her she is so cute and her videos are absolutely brilliant.
Tanya is also a make-up artist which I always find useful, because these people genuinely know what they are talking about. And I do tend to trust their judgement of products more.

Oh and before I forget it: Here are the blog's of all three of them :) Well the Pixiwoo website is more of a magazine than a blog but still...

So these are my go to YouTube channels if I need a new make-up look or if I am thinking about buying a new foundation or lipstick I usually check their monthly favourites first. 


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