25 May 2014

Creative Sunday - Piano Guys

Hi everyone :)

I am actually for once going with the theme I had planned for Sunday’s all along. Something creative.  I have probably watch all of their videos by now and I have only found them about a week ago. And most of these songs have been bought and are on replay that is how good they are. 
I am talking about The Piano Guys. Not only pop song covers obviously but that is how I found them. They do covers of really popular songs but only do acoustic versions and it is so so so good. Their stuff is addictive. 

No matter if you like One Direction or not but I can guarantee you that you will appreciate this version of their song ’Story of my Life’.

Another favorite of mine that they have also done: Let it go.

The stuff they do is pure art at least in my opinion and I am not just talking about the music. The videos they do are amazing as well. Go give their other stuff a listen as well, you won't regret it :)


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