14 May 2014

A Blotch of Pink

Hi everyone :)

Over the last couple of weeks I have been stocking up on lipsticks. But not just any colour, no I wanted to have pinks and nude colours. Still working on the corals but I haven't fallen in love with any of those yet.

Although I have tried a lot more than just the 4 I am about to show you, those 4 are my absolute favourites. I like their colour, their texture and that they don't dry my lips out or move to much. 

They are all really pretty pinky colours except for the Maybeline one which is a beigy nude colour. 

As you can see they are all a bit different from one another.
The MAC one is kind of a rose pink and not as bright as the Revlon one for example which is a full on pink. Both do stay on very well and don't kind of flow away if you use a lip liner. The nutrimetics lipstick is almost a coral pink although I love the colour of this one I do have to say that this one last a lot longer if you put a bit of translucent powder on top. 
And lastly the Maybeline lipstick. It is my abolsute favourite nude colour that I own.

1. REVLON colorburst lip butter -  090 sweet tart
2. Nutrimetics hydra brilliance - No. 118C antique
3. MAC - lovelorn AC2
4. Maybeline New York color sensational - 725 tantalizing taupe

Maybe I could help you find your favourite springy pinky lipstick colour. Or a new favourite nude :)


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