4 May 2014

Youtube Treasures

Hi everyone :)

I am always on the lookout for creative things on the internet that I can show you. And since we have been talking about commercials and ads before this week I thought this one would fit quite well.
I know it isn't the newest internet sensation but I think it is pretty well made nonetheless.
What I am talking about?
A Pepsi commercial. The one with Britney, Pink and Beyonce to be more precise.
What I like so much about it? It is different, sure they wear very view clothes but that is not the point.
I find the idea very cool, to take 3 so different voices and make them sing such an iconic song.

Besides they do look great right? :)
I have to be honest though: Before I had even seen this video I was pretty concerned that their voices would go together. They are all unique for a different reason yet somehow did sound so amazing together. 
And the thing itself is just a bit hilarious isn't it? Enrique Iglesias as Cesar? I have always pictured him as a cute puppy, Enrique I mean. Obviously not Cesar.

Tell me what you think?


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