9 August 2014

5 Star Hotel

For our trip this weekend to Lübeck my dad decided to book a 5 star hotel.
I have never slept in more than a 3 star hotel and was really excited just to see one from the inside. And I have to say they don't look that different..... in the lobby. 
Upon entering the room it felt completely different.
The first hour we spent investigating the room and the minibar. They have everything. 
On Thursday night we went to the pool and the sauna they have on the ground floor. And breakfast on Friday morning was amazing. They even do pancakes. There is literally nothing they don't have. Baked beans, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bread, yogurt, curd, red berry compote, honey, jam and so on. They will surely have whatever you feel like. 

But I have to admit: As great as a 5 star hotel is with the bathrobes you get and the little sweets and everything: I would be just as happy in a 3 star hotel.  
It was and still is a great experience but I think it will be a one and only for a while. It simply is frikkin' expensive :D

But if you have the chance to do it: at least try it. 

Lübeck as a town is great and I have taken a ton of pictures already :) 
So you can definitely look forward to those :)


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