8 March 2014

Karlsruhe Zoo

Hi everyone :)

I reconnected with my childish side today and went to the zoo with my boyfriend. I haven’t been to this particular zoo since I was maybe about 11 ish or something. It definitely was quite a while ago, but since it was such a gorgeous day today and we wanted to spend as much of it outside as we could, going to the zoo seemed like a great idea. 

And it was.

I have enjoyed this possibly as much as when I was a child, maybe even more :D
The great thing about going to the zoo when you are an adult is that you can go wherever you want to without having to ask your parents. 

And you can buy all the food you want yourself and don’t need an adults consent anymore. It’s brilliant really :D

me and T. 

I remember this waffle stand from when I was little, that same stand has literally been there for more than 17 years and what they sell there hasn’t changed since the last time I went.
So naturally we had to buy waffles, how could you not. I had the children’s waffle with chocolate sauce and smarties (best combination ever) and my boyfriend T. had one with white chocolate.
Do you know that moment where you try something that you remember from when you were little and you are afraid of ruining the memory because it might not be as good anymore? Well today was not such a moment, these waffles were as good as I had remembered, they made us very happy bunnies :)

The zoo in Karlsruhe isn’t the biggest one but I love it more than bigger zoo’s I have been to simply because it’s the one I grew up with. 

I have loved this place since I was really little and my dad took us for the first time, ever since then we went as often as we could. Pretty much every time we were in Karlsruhe we talked our dad into going, even if it was just for an hour or two. 

Doing things again that you did last when you were really small is a amazing thing. I absolutely love doing it because everything seems so much smaller . I always thought the zoo in Karlsruhe was reasonably big but having been there today I realized it is actually quite small. Which is probably due to the fact that the last time I was there I was about 60 cm smaller :D

So next time you don’t know what to do on a gorgeous day maybe visiting your local zoo might be a good idea.



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  1. Anonymous8/3/14 20:43

    Honey, I´m so happy for you being happy :) I just hope these feelings last... I miss you sp much :( It`s been too long.... x ally x