19 March 2014

First Kiss

Hi everyone :)

Hello to all you lovely people out there. Have you missed me? I sure have missed this. It has been a little over a week since my operation and although I might not be completely healed yet or pain free for that matter I am getting there. And I am finally able to concentrate on things for a longer time again.
I have felt like being stuck in some kind of foggy state of mind for the past week which is a really weird feeling. But we are going to be back on schedule from now on :)

For today it is all about first kisses. Interesting thing might I add, at least I think so.
Kissing someone for the first time is always incredibly exciting, wether you think you might be falling for them or it is just a casual hook up.
There is this rush of adrenalin that you feel right before it happens that moment where you are not sure if it is really going to happen until the other person leans in as well.
It makes us feel somehow nervous and then when it happens completely at ease. The feeling when your lips meet for the first time is exciting and at the same time a bit frightening, as we start to wonder what will come of it right after it occurred. And we start to think about the next time it will happen.

Generally the person we are about to kiss is someone who we have talked to quite a bit and fell we have some sort of connection with, that might in some cases just be sexual attraction.
What would we do and how would we kiss if we had to kiss a total stranger? A person we had not seen before or talked to before we were about to kiss.

I have no idea how I would react to a total stranger that I had to kiss. I find the idea pretty weird but at the same time very interesting. Do we react differently? Does everyone react the same?

Tatia Pilieava was as curios about this as I am, she got 20 strangers to kiss each other and filmed it. It was awkwardly brilliant. I felt like a little spy invading that moment but it was very very interesting.
I would love to know how the video makes you feel :)


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